As ACC celebrates its 21st birthday, our MD, Carl Pickett, takes a look back at how the freight industry has changed, and what the future might hold. Read on to find out more:

“When the company was created, there wasn’t a lot of technology in the office – in fact a rolodex and fax machine were our tools of the trade. As with most businesses, computers and telephones are the critical pieces of kit nowadays – how times have changed!

“As well as the way in which we work and interact with customers, the industry has developed significantly over the past twenty years. In terms of goods we have experienced large increases in the food and drink sector, and the automotive industry has also seen huge growth too. With the demand for goods escalating over the past twenty years, imports and exports across the board continue to grow and show no signs of slowing down.

“Free trade barriers across Europe have eased customs procedures and made the transportation of goods a much smoother and efficient process. The euro has also been a change for the good, and being able to transact with customers and suppliers in pounds or euros makes things a lot easier than dealing with multiple currencies.

“Looking ahead to the future and the next 20 years of business, I’m sure the industry will experience many more changes. I envisage that trucks will grow in size, meaning that they have more volume and weight capacity, and will be able to carry more goods. In addition, technology will start to come to the forefront as we see things such as driverless trucks on our roads. Brexit is of course a hot topic currently and whilst there is uncertainty on the exact impact on the transport industry, the requirement for businesses to import and export their goods will continue.”

If your business is looking to expand into the world of importing and exporting, our team are ready to help – so why not give us a call on 01454 227 500 or email for a freight consignment quote today?



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