• ACC Freight tops out at Mojo Active
  • Team-building day challenged ACC to unlock the code in the quickest time

The team from ACC Freight took on the Mojo Active challenge and sailed straight to the top of the leader board having achieved it in a time of 1.25:19

ACC had to work as a team to crack the code and open the teasure chest. To crack the code the team had to complete challenges and solve puzzles. Split into two groups – a cabin group and a field group – ACC communicated clues and grid references by walkie talkies.  The tasks included making fires, carrying a corpse, searching tunnels and finding a real live sniper.

Commenting on the day, ACC Managing Director, Carl Pickett said:

“This was a fantastic day for the whole team.  It was good fun to work with each other in a different way, finding out our different skills and weaknesses!  As a small workforce, we are a close-knit team anyway, this activity day reinforces our working relationships in a friendly competitive way.  Everyone gave up a weekend day to participate which shows our commitment to our business.  Ultimately this helps us to continually improve the service we deliver.”

Once the challenge was completed, the team took part in archery tag and the climbing wall before enjoying a well-deserved dinner in a local hostelry.

Jane Anderson, Accounts Manager:

“We had a thoroughly enjoyable day.  The sun shone, we got dirty and had plenty of laughs as we battled through the challenge.  It was fantastic to work with colleagues that I don’t usually work with on a daily basis and I’m looking forward to our next team day.”


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