Once upon a time, a foreign holiday was a rare breed. Luckily, now cheap flights and ever increasing globalisation means that going abroad is an option for many of us. This means that we can pack in the rainy campsite and choose to travel to tropical and exotic shores, all within budget.

The way we spend our hard earned cash abroad has been more competitive than ever this year, thanks to the strong pound. The favourable exchange rate has made getting that last minute deal all the more sweeter, and will have made many getaways this summer even better.

While it’s good news for our holidays, the strong pound might not be making such good business sense, with the changes increasing the costs of exporting. The recent CBI quarterly survey of industrial trends suggests that the benefits of the pound’s strength are actually damaging to export orders.

With the unpredictable nature of currency at the forefront of our minds, here at ACC we operate using both pounds and euros.  By setting our exchange rate on the first day of every month, you can switch at any time to trade in euros, pounds or a mixture of both. Trading euros is delivering instant payback for a number of our clients, resulting in a positive impact on their cashflow.

So whether you’re off for a holiday in Spain, or trading with ACC, you’ll be guaranteed to get great value for money.

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