The modern age is great, not least because of the options we constantly have – we’re inundated with them. From the numerous ways we can experience media, to the fillings in our sandwiches, we’re spoilt for choice.

While this can be a brilliant thing in many ways (imagine having to eat the same ham sandwich every day for the rest of your life), sometimes having an alternative doesn’t mean we should take it. At ACC we take this dilemma out of the equation for you. We’re constantly on the look-out for ways to make our service better for you, and we’ve got the foresight and experience to know when we should change our service for the better, and when it’s best to stick with the method we’re using.

Take our approach to transhipping, for example. Transhipment is an alternative approach to the shipment of goods using an intermediate destination before reaching the final destination. This can be used if there needs to be a change to the means of transport during the journey, which is known as transloading.

While this is a favoured method by some freight companies, we’ve weighed it up and chosen not to use transshipping. Having an intermediary period where goods are stored can cause a myriad of problems – goods are handled more, which increases the risk of damage.

Additionally, slower transport times, which come hand in hand with transhipping, push up prices and make the entire process inefficient. We prefer to keep things simple – our methods minimise risk and are as cost effective as possible.

The service we provide focuses on getting your goods moved as quickly as possible to their destination. We pick up your shipment and simply take it to where it is needed. With no handling and a quicker transit time, you’ll feel the benefit on your bottom line.

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